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About Us

We are those scattered around the globe, united by desire to have a life worth living, we are true lovers of sun, white sand, blue seas and oceans, and wind as our best friend! Come to visit us and you will feel the true taste of living! Please discover our Kiteparadises in Boracay and Panay Islands in Philippines.


Good to Know

Visa - A 21 day tourist visa is granted upon your arrival in the country. If you wish to stay longer, extending your visa can easily be done at the local immigration office. If you need, we will help.

Prices - compared to most European countries or the US, Boracay is considered very cheap to eat out in restaurants. For Example: 1 bottle of beer - $1. Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner - You can find a meal from $1 - $30. 750ml of best RUM "Tanduay" cost only $2.

Money - local currency is the Philippine Peso. It's easy to change your cash or travelers checks to Peso in Boracay. Credit cards are widely accepted in the larger hotels and resorts, a service charge of approx 6-8% is normally added to your bill. ATMs are available at D-Mall and Banks.

Health - Boracay is considered quite a clean tourist Island. Although it's always a good idea not to drink or wash your teeth with hotel water, much better to use bottled water. If you do need a pharmacy or need to see a Doctor then there's plenty to choose from.

Food - There are hundreds of restaurants in Boracay. Whatever your taste, there‘s always an option. Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Mexican... delicious fresh seafood grilled to your satisfaction is available at any number of restaurants on the island. Being spoilt of choice is only trouble you‘ll have!


When to Visit Us

Boracay and Panay islands are situated in a climate zone offering fun and warm year-round.

However, wind, kiters friend, has its own seasons, as it cares for the eastern part of the island, featuring “Bulabog Beach" from October to May and the western shore, known as the “White Beach", May to end of October. There is no specific rain season, with warm tropical shower coming intermittently, in May to October mostly, should you decide to come in Christmas and New Year period, book tickets and accommodation in advance; the same goes for the Chinese New Year 2010 Feb 14

There are numerous tourists, however, be sure to find unbelievable events and fun; no wonder, Boracay is referred to Asian Ibiza and if you looking for privacy and exclusivity, then Centre 2 in Union Bay, Panay is for you.



Looking for a pleasant place to stay in Boracay. Let us know and you will get best deals from the low budget up to the 5 star resorts.


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Oo yes, we have a nightlife! We have after-surf parties almost every night. Show must go on, until the wind pick up again!



Kite Flying Introduction

Theory, Wind window, Trainer kite control on the beach.
1,5 hours (one person). 2 hours (group).
70.00 USD/3300.00 Peso


One Day Course

Theory, Wind window, Trainer kite control, Safety, Kite control in the water.
3 hours (one person). 4 hours (group).
140.00 USD/7000.00 Peso



Theory, Wind window, Trainer kite control, Safety, Kite control in the water, Body dragging, First possible water starts.
6 hours (one person). 8 hours (group).
285.00 USD/14000.00 Peso


Full Course

IKO 2 level Program. Theory, Wind window, Trainer kite control, Safety, Kite control in the water, Body dragging, Water starts, Kite launching from the water, First ride both sides.
9 hours (one person). 12 hours (group).
430.00 USD/21000.00 Peso



For a fast progression your professional instructor will make a special program just for you.Very personalised lessons.
1 Hour 60.00 USD/3000.00 Peso



Make a Pre-Booking for the Kire-Lessons and
save 10% on-site!